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Hello there, my name is Jannis, I’m an internet entrepreneur from Germany who focusses on web development, online marketing, team management, success making as well as business and personal development. Since I started back in 2012, I was able to gain tons of experience from small startups up to big concerns.


After I finished school, I made an apprenticeship as an IT Engineer in System Integration. I worked 40 hours a week mostly in a support hotline to help customers with their pc, notebook and printer problems.
During this time, I found out, that this is nothing to satisfy me on a longterm level, so I searched for various other possibilities to gain what I was looking for, but it was harder than expected.

During this apprenticeship, I had some possibilities to learn the basic structure of how to code and this was mostly the breaking point that helped me to find my next bigger goal to reach! After that, I decided to build my first websites (and as you may believe, they were crappy as hell). But with hours of trial and error, I was able to finish my first project, which I called Mealo. It was basically a platform that was able to provide news dynamically (via PHP) on other platforms via an iframe integration (I know this sounds kinda weird as the first project, but I was always special).

With the time I tried to learn more and more about websites, on how to code, the various languages that are available and so on. Because I was working alone on that, I had to figure out most of it by myself. On a second-hand shop, I bought my very first book about HTML 4 and its features and I was fascinated by the possibilities.

The more I read, the more difficult everything went, because, at this time, I didn’t even know what a web space was. I spent nearly every day more than seven hours on Google, Youtube, Udemy, … to learn more and more about the web. (It may be super difficult to learn everything from scratch by yourself, but it is worth it because you can be sure that you understand whats going on after that)

At round about the middle of my apprenticeship, I realized, that programming is what I want to continue after finishing this job, and so I did. I covered myself in books and blogs to understand more about the process on how to start as a web developer. Because I’m always motivated about learning new stuff and being able to maintain my knowledge by myself, I started to read more about how to get self-employed. On this day I learned the meaning of the word freelancer and it sounded like heaven in my ears …….. until I got in touch with accounting. This literally made my expectation as complex as never before, because I had no clue about that or about having an own company.
I started again with reading more and more books on how to create your own company, but it seems so complex due to the fact of all the different types out there. Finally, after one month of trying to understand the concept of companies, as well as their single meanings, I was ready to start self-employed.

Unfortunately, my company didn’t allow me to start self-employed, because they wanted me to focus completely on my apprenticeship. On the one hand it was bad to realize that, but on the other hand, it was good, because I was able to read even more on how I can optimize the process of starting self-employed.

After I finished my apprenticeship, I was ready to start self-employed, and so I did. In the time I had some time left to optimize my goal of being my own boss. I also started to find my first connections.

As you may believe – the beginning was harder than expected because being self-employed in the early days means always a lack of something. Sometimes it’s money, then it is time and then it is motivation. I knew it was hard and I was barely able to survive from 400$ a month.

Two months later it was still the same and I asked myself if this is really working out. So I got scared and I decided to go back to school to graduate from the university. This may sound sad, but after five days of visiting the school, I was so bored of learning again potencies, that I left and I started again with development.

I tried again and again to optimize my process, but it never really paid off. In the end, I was at a point where I decided to look for a normal job and doing my own business part time until it really pays off, and so I did.

I got employed in the company of one of my first clients’, which gave me the possibility to even operate in my own company part-time. This gave me the possibility to gain even more experience in developing websites, as well as in online marketing.

After roundabout four months of working there, I felt ready to start again and I was right. I got my first project which brought me a great amount of money. I was boosted after this project and I couldn’t think again of going back to a normal 8 to 5 job.

This was the day (21.04.2016) where I really started working on my own and since then I’m continuously optimizing my processes to make everything even better.

Now I have my own employees, my own products, great connections and I can travel the world. And you can do that too 🙂

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