Graduation or Entrepreneur? Whats more important? What should I do?

Written by on July 20, 2018

I guess you often see articles with success stories of persons that got rich without any graduation or as a dropout, and I’m sure you thought for a second about stopping what you do right at this moment. It’s a pretty common thing to have thoughts like that, but I can assure you: Don’t stop what you are doing right now!

When I was in my apprenticeship as an it engineer for system integration, I asked myself these questions over and over and it was often annoying to understand the conclusion I got after hours of thinking. Basically, I thought often to stop what I’m doing right now because it is nothing I want to do for my whole life. But stopping that is connected with a lot of risks and I don’t have any experience in what I want to do then. And honestly: What do I really want to do?

I guess after this question you should get a feeling, that the questions in this title are not the roots of the problem itself. It is more likely the end of the decisions queue when you finally decide what fits more with what you really want.
I’m gonna write you now some questions that should make it easier to evaluate what makes the most sense to you. Because we all know, that everybody has different needs, I will focus on some basic questions, that you get an understanding of which direction you should possibly go.

What is my goal?
This is the most essential question if it comes to this whole article. If you don’t know what you really want to archive, it gets ridiculously hard to ever have success. I have launched an article earlier about the main goal of life – There we discuss the basic principle of what we define as a goal. Based on that you should be able to find what you want more easily. Feel also free to contact me if you want to receive more pieces of information on that.

What I want to do, does it make me happy?
You should always ask yourself this question. If it makes you happy, it will have a positive impact on your life. You should definitely not miss that. If there are other things that make you happy as well, just follow the next questions.

Can I combine my goals with what I want to do?
The question sounds as weird as it looks like. Probably, you think that the goal and what you really want to do are the same things, but they aren’t. Goals are the ending of something, so the achievement you get after you complete it. What you want to do is a continuous process that gives you the satisfaction of reaching smaller goals on and on. After we clarified this, I can clarify the value of the question itself. Just because something makes you happy, it is not always combinable with the goal itself.

Let’s say your goal is to have a house in Canada where you want to live with your family. What you currently want to do is to start a restaurant chain in Europe, because you see it has tons of potential. Both things (the goal and what you want to do) make you happy, but you cant combine them in a simple way. Either you stay in Europe to build up the business, or you stay with your family in Canada. You can still do both, but trust me, it takes tons of compromises and the way wouldn’t be easy at all.

What are the cons and the pros? 
If the above questions are not a problem for you, you should assure that mostly everything is covered in your thoughts. Create yourself a list with all the cons and pros to get a feeling of the topics that need more thoughts on it. This step is especially important if your goals and what you want to do are on a bigger level (if you cant afford it by yourself and you need investments, crowdfunding or more).

Can I start it part-time? 
As I told you in the beginning: You should never stop doing what you do right now without making sure you planned everything properly. If you are currently in an apprenticeship, you should definitely finish it. If you are currently graduating, you should definitely do that. Just because you continue it, doesn’t mean that you can’t start what you have planned now. You can prepare yourself for the time after.  I have done something similar when I was in my apprenticeship. After I knew my goal, I started to think about starting my own business. Unfortunately, the company didn’t allow me at this time to start something part-time because I should focus on the apprenticeship, so I had to find another way. What I have done is to start reading more and more books on how I can set up my first company, the requirements, how it works and so on. After I finished it, I was ready for everything.

After you read this questions, you should already have a less stressed feeling about what you should do. Just find a calm spot, take some good drinks and start the thoughts. The earlier you do that, the more time you have to change your life!
If you want more informations on whats right for you, feel free to contact me, I’m happy to help!


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