Happiness – The main goal of EVERY person

Written by on May 28, 2018

I know, it sounds way too simple to be true, but as soon as you accept the fact, you will start seeing things differently.

I struggled often in my life, not knowing what my main goal should look like. I spent a lot of hours in my apartment, on the beach or in the forest with thinking about what I desire the most. I was caught in my own thoughts because some things I liked were not comparable to the others and vice versa.
In my early years, one of my goals was for example to be a Youtube star and to have a lot of success with creating awesome, gaming related content.
I actually made it (somehow), but it was not what I expected in the beginning. During this time I experienced, that having an awesome community was more satisfying to me than having a lot of success on Youtube itself. After two years of not knowing what to do with my life, I built up a great community with round about 8000 active subscribers.

This was the first moment I realized, that those goals are not always the end of my definitions. Moreover, they are something continuously and ongoing. You can consider them as small incidents on your way to what you define as your goal unconsciously.

So we learned, that the main goal is not always the goal you really want to archive. If we see this on a bigger level, we can talk about the why?.

  • Why are we doing something?
  • Why are we defining the main goal?
  • Why are we talking about goals at all?

We can answer to all of the three questions with: Because of happiness

To make this more clear: You are not defining a goal for something if you are not satisfied with the result itself. You define a goal with the purpose to give you a feeling of satisfaction and lust.

On the way to the main goal, you should not always focus yourself on the whole thing – It is better to set small milestones to gain the satisfaction to come more near to what you want to archive as the big thing. I encountered that myself a lot of times and it makes a 100% sense to focus on smaller parts because the main goal often comes in a different way than expected.


Now it’s your time! Did you already start defining smaller milestones for your next project?

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