The recommendation principle – How to gain new customers without spending money

Written by on May 29, 2018

One of the main questions that people ask me: “And where did you get all these customers from?

Actually, it is pretty simple: I get most of them through recommendations.
Of course, behind of that sentence, there’s a lot of other stuff that affects the way I’m dealing with that, but even this is not magic.

When I started working with my first clients, I didn’t earn enough money to start with paid marketing. In this time I considered SEO as a good start to make myself a listing to gain more generic customers. But it wasn’t as easy as I thought, because It required a lot of time and knowledge that I didn’t had at this time, so I needed to find another good solution.
In the end, I came up with a great thought: “Why shouldn’t I focus myself on recommendations? I mean I already have customers, so why not implement that as well?”

This was the moment where I found the next thing to put my focus on. I tried to evaluate ways for myself on how I can gain the most recommendations out of my customers and the solution was as simple as you can already guess: Satisfaction

Everything is built upon the satisfaction of a customer. If you see it in a different way, you will find an awesome win-win model here. If the customer is happy and satisfied with your work, he will more likely recommend you. So you profit from it, as well as your customer.
With that thought in my mind, I started focussing more on the needs of my client. Because I started to understand more and more what my clients really wanted, I was able to give them a feeling of safety and comprehension.

What you should know: A satisfied customer is a happy customer, that will always support you to grow as well. Use this win-win model to boost your business in a generic way.

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