Why traveling increases your productivity

Written by on May 29, 2018

We all know, that when people start talking about traveling, they mostly talk about holidays. Nowadays as a digital nomad, traveling went to a whole new level, which comes with a lot of benefits.

Visiting another country, exploring new places, meeting new people and cultures – All of this is gives us a great feeling and makes us happy, so why should we limit it to just a few weeks a year? When I started working as an employee in my very first job, I barely had 30 days off a year. In these days I didn’t want to think about work. I had to plan my holidays well (Mostly at the beginning of the year).
A few weeks before that, I started to make a list of what I need for going on my trip. As you may guess, I packed in way more than necessary for every trip. After we arrived at the airport, it went mostly stressful to find the right person, the taxi and so on. In the end, everything was super stressful until you reached the apartment or hotel, where you spend most of the time.

After I started the first time self-employed, I realized, that I’m now not bound to any time and I can do whatever I want and whenever I want. In the beginning, I was nearly overwhelmed by that, but with the time, I got used to it, even if I didn’t travel a lot in my early time. And so I worked more motivated with being conscious about the fact, that I can leave whenever I want.
Unfortunately, this feeling didn’t last too long, because with the time I got used to my work and I felt how my motivation dropped if it came to some specific tasks. Of course, it is normal that not everything is always great what you have to do (For me it’s accounting 😉 ), but at least the majority of the work should be something you like a lot. Over the time I felt how the motivation dropped at even more points, even If I still liked the work. I also recognized that problem-solving got more time intensive.

After I understand that the problem of losing motivation was not related to the actual topic, but more to my productivity, I started to read more about some ways on how to be productive, even over a long time. As you may guess, I found an article from a digital nomad that travels the world. He wrote, that it helped him to gain his productivity back with just changing more often places.
This was the moment I decided to give it a try. I gave up my office and I started working from some Coworking spaces – first of all in Germany and later in other countries – to get back my productivity, and it worked perfectly.
I felt fresh like never before and full of motivation and inspiration.

Since then, I try to visit at least one new place every two months. Because I love food, new cultures and traveling in general, this is very easy for me. Also with the time you get rid of the stress and you see traveling in a completely new way.

Again to the main question: Why does traveling increases our business? 
I think the major reason for that is the fact, that you don’t always see the same room with the same problems. You can free your mind, develop new ideas and optimization strategies and have no negative connection to something that happened before there. In short words: As you change your environment, you change. 

What you also learn out of this article:

  • Traveling is not just for holidays
  • You can increase your productivity a lot by changing your location
  • You develop a better understanding of the world and the different societies
  • You gain tons of new, helpful experiences
  • You get more satisfied with your own life

I can write 10000 more things, but I guess you will find them yourself by just giving it a try! 🙂

If you already travel a lot, I would love if you share some of your stories with me here in the comments or on Facebook!

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